The State is Our Campus

From a humble college to the future of Tennessee

About the University of Tennessee System

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The University of Tennessee is comprised of campuses at Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Martin, the Health Science Center at Memphis, and the statewide Institute of Agriculture and Institute for Public Service.  The University of Tennessee System has a presence in each of Tennessee’s 95 counties.  Through the combined force of its education, research and outreach, the University serves students, business and industry, schools, governments, organizations and citizens throughout the state.

Statewide, the University provides a range of accessible and affordable educational opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as highly regarded professional schools. About 49,000 students are enrolled and more than 362,000 alumni live throughout the state, nation and world.

The UT System Administration Strategic Plan, launched in June 2012, establishes a vision and direction for the next five years, with the following clearly defined goals to ensure good stewardship and purposeful use of resources:

1. Enhancing educational excellence

2. Expanding research capacities

3. Fostering outreach and engagement

4. Ensuring effectiveness and efficiency

5. Advocating for the University of Tennessee System

The University of Tennessee has a clearly defined role in serving the state of Tennessee and is positioned to take advantage of unprecedented opportunities for the benefit of all Tennesseans.

For UT, the entire state of Tennessee is the campus. UT is committed to providing the people of Tennessee with access to quality higher education, economic development and enhanced quality-of-life opportunities.