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The following guidelines govern the expenditures of monies from the CDF. Questions regarding eligibility should be forwarded to Angie McLemore, CDF committee representative. 

  1. An application must be submitted, along with any published material that provides a description of the program, and must be approved by the CDF Committee in advance of the program or activity.

  2. The committee will accept an application for CDF support at any time. However, the applicant should provide the completed application and supporting documentation to Employee & Organizational Development a minimum of three weeks before the program/activity.

  3. Activities supported must be job-and career-related and beneficial to the employee and the university.

  4. To be eligible to participate in the CDF, an applicant must be employed as regular, full-time, or part-time non-exempt staff at the University of Tennessee or the University of Tennessee Foundation (see participating cost centers listed below) for at least six months.

    01 - Knoxville
    02 - Space Institute, Tullahoma
    05 - Martin
    07, 09, 23-25 - Health Science Center, Memphis
    08, 10, 21 - Graduate School of Medicine
    11, 12, 18 - Institute of Agriculture
    13-15 - Institute for Public Service
    17 - University Administration
    88 - University Foundation

  5. An individual employee's use of the CDF is limited to $150 in any fiscal year. The limit for a non-exempt, regular, part-time employee is pro-rated based on his/her percent of effort.

  6. All activities require the department head's approval. The employee's department head will be informed of any approved application for support by the CDF.

  7. The CDF will not be used to pay for courses in conjunction with the University’s fee waiver program.

  8. Funds will not be approved to finance travel expenses, events outside the state of Tennessee, international events, textbook costs, membership in any type of organization, or re-certifications.

  9. CDF monies can be used to reimburse up to the fiscal year maximum for CPA, CAP, and other similar review courses. The CDF will reimburse only one sitting of the CPA, CAP, and other similar review courses for any employee.

  10. The fund will not reimburse any monies until the approved activity/course is completed. Reimbursement for supported expenses must be requested within 30 days after completing of the supported program or activity.

  11. Reimbursement requests must include evidence of payment for participation in the program or activity (such as cancelled check, credit card statement along with the original paid receipt). If a cancelled check is used as evidence of payment, a copy of the check (front and back bank-processed) must be provided. A receipt of payment must accompany money orders from course provider (e.g. UT, IAAP). All receipts must show date paid, amount paid, and name of provider.

"Technology is constantly changing. People need to attend training classes and seminars to learn new skills and keep them sharp, keep abreast of new and innovative ways to perform their job, and network with their peers. With departmental budgets being so tight, some staff would not be able to get this training without the Career Development Fund paying the fees required to attend."

Robin Haefs
Advancement Specialist I
VP for Development & Alumni Affairs