The UT signature is the official wordmark of the University of Tennessee.

It is the graphic foundation for all academic and administrative units of the university. Consistent use of the signature strengthens the University's identity as a cohesive, yet multi-faceted institution.

Signatures have been designed for the UT system, each of UT's four main campuses and three institutes. These are the only approved wordmarks for these sites.

Units within each campus and institute may also use approved signatures that are in compliance with wordmark standards.

Horizontal signatures should appear no smaller than 2¾ inches wide. Vertical signatures should appear no smaller than 1½ inches wide. Signatures should be surrounded on all sides by an amount of open space equal to their height.

Whenever possible, the UT family of signatures should be rendered in:

Solid black may be used in black-and-white print materials. On a dark background, the signature may be reversed (signature in white). If possible, reverse only the font and render the logo in UT Orange. Click here for information on using campus-specific background colors.

For more information on signatures, please refer to each campus' identity guidelines.

Campus Identity Guidelines