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Swine Flu Response Information

May 01, 2009

From Acting President Jan Simek,

In light of concerns about the ongoing swine flu situation, I want to
remind all faculty and staff that response plans are in place for each
of the University of Tennessee's campuses statewide.

Should conditions warrant taking special steps outlined in a necessary
response plan, leadership for the campus or location enacting the
response will notify all locally affected UT employees - regardless of
which UT enterprise they work for.

For example, if enacted, the UT Knoxville campus Pandemic Influenza
Response Plan would apply to all area employees, including those of the
UT System and UT Institute of Agriculture that are in the Knoxville
geographic region.

The health and safety of UT employees statewide are of primary concern.
If developments with the swine flu situation warrant particular action
at any UT site, local leadership will share that information with all
affected employees.

Employees who work in areas outside Knoxville, Chattanooga, Martin or
Memphis can expect direction through their usual organizational

For more information on the swine flu, please visit

Campus-specific information is available at the links below:

UT Knoxville: or

UT Chattanooga:

UT Martin:

UT Health Science Center: