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Detail of cover of 2013-2014 Annual Report

Fifty-five percent by 2025. That’s Gov. Haslam’s goal for the number of Tennesseans with a degree. It’s a big jump from the current rate of 32 percent. To achieve this goal, we must all work together. At the University of Tennessee, we’re taking a hard look at our business model and at how much students pay in tuition. We’re looking at every possible way we can be efficient, effective and entrepreneurial.

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Detail of cover of 2012-2013 Annual Report

The promise of Tennessee’s future and that of the University of Tennessee are inextricably linked. As we achieve greater success in delivering high-quality education to greater numbers of Tennesseans, the state of Tennessee will be poised for greater opportunity for generations to come.

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Detail of cover of 2011-2012 Annual Report

The UT System Strategic Plan is a critical tool in our ongoing success. Approved by our Board of Trustees in June, the plan is a roadmap to navigate the next five years and help us make decisions that will impact the University for years to come.

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Detail of cover of 2010-2011 Annual Report

Great land-grant institutions like the University of Tennessee tie back to every county and every town from Memphis to Mountain City.

I want to tell you a little about what’s happened since I took office and, more importantly, where the University of Tennessee is headed. There are challenges facing us and big goals to achieve, but I’m very proud of UT. I hope you feel the same way.

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Detail of cover of 2009-2010 Annual Report

Even though we still face tough economic challenges, the University of Tennessee continues to carry out its statewide mission, impacting the lives of thousands of Tennesseans every day through its education, outreach and research.

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Detail of cover of 2008-2009 Annual Report

Despite the widespread economic difficulties impacting the University of Tennessee and our peers, we remain the driving educational, economic and cultural force in the state.

We have the best students and the best faculty we've ever had. For six consecutive years, incoming freshman classes have continued to be increasingly better-qualified. They are taught by faculty creating meaningful connections and quality educational experiences.

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Detail of Cover of Annual Report with the words The Future Lives Here

Because a broad economic downturn in 2008 cut higher education funding in 24 states—including Tennessee, it’s now more important than ever that we maintain the critical momentum achieved by the University in recent years.

"In these tough times, we’ll keep finding ways to deliver more college graduates for less money. "

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2006-07 Annual Report

We are positioned to take advantage of unprecedented opportunities for the benefit of all Tennesseans.

At the University of Tennessee we have clearly defined our role, and at the same time raised the bar, in educating the state’s workforce, in driving economic development and in enhancing healthcare delivery. The governor and legislature have responded with the largest increase in state appropriations in recent years. Together with the support of visionary state leadership, we are positioned as well as, or perhaps better than, any other university in the country to take advantage of unprecedented opportunities for the benefit of all Tennesseans.

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