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Resources for Campus Administrators & Faculty

Academic Program Development and Administration

  1. Searchable Academic Program Inventory (API/CIP codes)
  2. Creation of Bureaus, Centers and Institutes (UT Board of Trustees, 1979)
  3. Guidelines for Development of New Academic Programs (THEC, 2011)
        – Letters of Intent for Proposed New Academic Programs
        – New Program Financial Estimate Form
        – Searchable Academic Program Inventory (API/CIP codes)
  4. Steps in the Development of a New Program
        – Steps in the preparation and approval of the Letter of Intent to THEC
        – Next steps in the preparation and submission of a full proposal to the UT Board of Trustees and THEC
        – Setting up the consultant site visit (for graduate programs only)
  5. Guidelines for Proposing Changes in Academic Units (UT, 2007)
  6. Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Programs (UT Board of Trustees, 1975)
  7. Procedural Framework for Academic Program Discontinuance (UT Board of Trustees, 2009)

Other Resources

  1. Best Practices in External Review of Teaching

Faculty Policies

  1. Academic Freedom, Responsibility and Tenure (UT Board of Trustees, 2006)
  2. Compensated Outside Services (UT, 1993)
  3. Conflict of Interests (UT HR, 2002)
  4. English Language Competency (UT Board of Trustees, 1984)
  5. Faculty Appointments
        – Emeritus Status (UT HR, 1988)
        – Intercampus Academic Appointments (UT Board of Trustees, 1978)
        – Post Retirement Service Program (UT HR, 2005)
  6. Faculty Handbook Revisions (UT Board of Trustees, 1992)
  7. Honorary Degrees (UT Board of Trustees, 2002)
  8. Misconduct in Research and Service, with Addendum A (UT Board of Trustees, 2005)
  9. Patents, Copyrights and Other Intellectual Property, with Appendices (UT Research Foundation, 2003)
  10. Revision on Policy of Issuance of Replacement Diplomas (UT Board of Trustees, 1968)