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Enabling Infrastructure

Supporting all three Strategic Focus Areas is the Enabling Infrastructure – the people, the technology, and the funding necessary to drive the engine. These critical components are the essential conditions and tools required to achieve the university’s vision and mission.

Strategic Focus Areas

The Enabling Infrastructure includes the following critical components:


  • The university's most important resource is its employees, and through an empowered organization, these employees have an opportunity to excel in their various roles.


  • Effective and efficient use of the material and technological resources will give students a more supportive learning and living environment and facilitate the work of faculty and staff.


  • The university's administrators must ensure that its units have the needed fiscal and physical resources to accomplish their specific missions, and the needs and accomplishments of its units and programs must be communicated effectively and consistently within the university and to the public.

The Enabling Infrastructure strategically supports the acquisition and use of university resources to create a dynamic and sustaining 21st Century future workforce.



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