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Student Access & Success

Tennessee and the nation need more college-educated citizens to provide the workforce for the 21st century. Tennessee lags behind the nation in the percentage of adults with college degrees because of lower numbers pursuing college education and lower rates of graduation among those who enter college.

Each campus of the university must improve the breadth and depth of its applicant pool by working more effectively with Tennessee’s P–12 educational system and must offer attractive options to students to provide the broadest possible access to applicants from Tennessee and beyond. The number of students pursuing college degrees must increase and graduation rates must be enhanced through improving services and interventions, and curricular and co-curricular environments.

Strategic Focus Areas

The Strategic Focus Area of Student Access and Success includes the following measures:

Student Access

  • Enrollment at UT campuses (headcount) 
  • Enrollment of underrepresented groups (%) 
  • Student financial need met by campuses (%) 

Student Success

  • Graduation Rate 
  • Graduation Rate for underrepresented groups 
  • Graduated in STEM majors (%) 
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The elements of each Strategic Focus Area are measured by campuses and institutes to provide tangible accountability on progress toward goals.

Student Success Centers

Measurement Definitions

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