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Strategic Planning

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Strategic Plans & Mission Statements

The university’s mission is achieved through the collective activities of the university’s campuses and institutes, all of which have their own mission statement and strategic plan that aligns with the system-wide mission.

The strategic plan describes benchmarks and goals for the mission-oriented priorities, as well as goals for how the University of Tennessee System will acquire and use its administrative, fiscal, physical, and communication resources to fulfill its mission.

Strategic Role and Mission

The University of Tennessee serves the people of Tennessee and beyond through:

  • providing access to and success in undergraduate, graduate, and professional education;
  • pursuing research and scholarly achievement and its associated economic development; and
  • ensuring educational outreach and ensuring preparedness for the global marketplace.

Adopted by the University of Tennessee Board of Trustees on June 21, 2006.

Our goal is to have every employee understand the university’s mission and vision, and know how they contribute to achieving the mission.