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UT Community Converges to Advance Diversity Agenda

Posted April 13, 2015

University of Tennessee employees from every part of the state are coming together in support of creating more diverse learning and working environments through a first-ever, University-wide summit on Wednesday in Murfreesboro.

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Make Plans to Attend UT's Statewide Diversity Summit for Faculty and Staff April 15, 2015

Posted March 11, 2015

UT Diversity Summit logo

Help advance diversity and inclusion efforts at the University of Tennessee by participating in UT's first system-wide diversity summit.

Hosted by UT's Diversity Advisory Council, the one-day summit is designed to engage the University community in efforts to create more diverse and inclusive learning and working environments—those that are enriched by and welcoming to people of different backgrounds, points of view, cultures and socioeconomic status, among other diverse characteristics.

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UT Board of Trustees Approve New University-Wide Diversity Statement

The Diversity Advisory Council, comprised of representatives across the UT System, developed a diversity statement that was approved by the board. In part, the statement reads: "The Board affirms the educational value of a diverse and fully inclusive campus community, one that is enriched by persons of different backgrounds, points of view, cultures, socioeconomic status, and other diverse characteristics. The Board expects the University to engage in a variety of initiatives to advance diversity in all aspects of University life."

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VP Theotis Robinson's Retirement

University of Tennessee Vice President for Equity and Diversity Theotis Robinson retired on Jan. 31, 2014. In anticipation of Theotis’ departure, UT System Administration Equity and Diversity has been undergoing restructuring to facilitate that area’s oversight by Human Resources. This change reflects a shift in accountability and responsibility for diversity programs and services toward our campuses and institutes.

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UT System Equity and Diversity Transitions to Human Resources

University of Tennessee Vice President for Equity and Diversity Theotis Robinson will retire Jan. 31, 2014 and on Nov. 1 began serving in a transitional role as vice president and diversity advisor.

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UT's Diversity Advisory Council Hosts Writing Retreat April 26-29

Almost 40 women from higher education institutions across the country - including approximately 10 faculty members and students from UT's campuses in Chattanooga, Knoxville and Martin - will attend a writing retreat April 26-29 at UT Knoxville. The retreat is being hosted by UT's Diversity Advisory Council, a statewide group tasked with making recommendations for improving diversity efforts across the system.

Attendees will receive assistance with their writing endeavors - including dissertations, manuscripts, reports or book chapters - through participation in writing circles of three to five participants based on research topics.

The retreat will be led by the Sisters of the Academy Institute, a national professional society dedicated to creating an educational network among African American women in higher education.

"Support systems and scholarly communities are critical components to recruiting and retaining diverse faculty, staff and students," said UT Vice President for Equity and Diversity and Diversity Advisory Council Chair Theotis Robinson, Jr. "This retreat was identified as a best practice from other universities, and we believe it will have the same positive effects for African American women working and learning on our campuses."

UT participants were selected by campus and college administrators and various activities are planned to further engage members of the UT community during the retreat.

To learn more about the retreat, visit: www.sistersoftheacademy.org/writing-retreat/.

To learn more about UT's statewide Diversity Advisory Council, visit: http://www.tennessee.edu/system/equity/council/index.html.

UT Students Attend 2012 African American Brotherhood National Conference

More than 20 students from UT's campuses in Chattanooga, Knoxville and Martin will join UT Vice President for Equity and Diversity Theotis Robinson at the 2012 Student African American Brotherhood's National Conference in Indiana held March 30-31. To learn more about the organization, visit: www.saabnational.org/index.htm.


4th Annual Black Male Summit Conference

Black Male Sumitt

Students from UT Knoxville, UT Chattanooga and UT Martin attended the 4th Annual Black Male Summit Conference at the University of Akron April 8-9, 2011.

The Black Male Summit is designed to promote increased retention and graduation rates among African American male students. Over 1,100 people attended the summit.