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Vanessa Byrge

Vanessa Byrge describes UT as an engaging workplace.

If Vanessa Byrge had one word to describe the UT workplace, it would be engaging.

In her thirty-five years with UT, she has worked at Student Health Services, the College of Business Administration, the UT Memorial Research Center and, mostly recently, the College of Veterinary Medicine where she is an administrative specialist.

The College of Veterinary Medicine is a particularly exciting workplace, according to Vanessa.

“Where else can you come to work and see a giant Clydesdale at the large animal clinic, cruise by Exotics and see a tiger being prepped for surgery and then pass a patient being pulled along in a wagon?” she said.

The animals are not the only interesting part of Vanessa’s job. The stories of faculty, staff and students improving the quality of life for animals also make coming to work rewarding.

“As far as I’m concerned, the benefits, opportunities and stability provided by UT are unparalleled and are conducive to a positive standard of living,” she said.

Vanessa has two children, Eddie and Cheryl, and enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren and five dogs.


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