Office of Special Events ยป 2012 Service Awards

Brenda Childress

Brenda has seen the difference technology has made at University Libraries.

In her 40-year tenure, Brenda recalls her most memorable moment has been the introduction of computers.

"Computers not only increased our efficiency but also what we were able to offer students in their studies," she said.

While Brenda has been through some major changes in the library, the library also has supported her during changes in her own life. After working for 10 years, Brenda gave birth to daughter Evyn, and within a year, her husband passed away.

"My job at the library saw me through this difficult period in my life, offering financial, as well as emotional support," Brenda said.

Her daughter, Evyn, followed in her mother's footsteps by earning a master's degree in information science and is currently cataloging a rare group of manuscripts.

Brenda considers the library her second home and looks forward to many more years at the University.

When she is not at the library, Brenda spends time outdoors, with her family and at her church.


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