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Chuck Maland

Working at UT offers Chuck Maland many opportunities.

When Chuck Maland wakes up every morning, he considers himself lucky to have a job he enjoys.

As an English professor at UT Knoxville, he has the opportunity to conduct research, interact with students and teach the subjects he is most passionate about – film, American literature and American studies.

“I’ve found it a privilege to interact with students in my classes and to explore topics that interest me deeply,” he said. “Being able to both teach and write has helped keep me interested and engaged.”

In addition to teaching and writing for academic journals, Chuck has been involved with the Cinema Studies Program for most of his 35 years with UT.

Chuck and his wife, Nancy, have one child, JT. When he is not researching, writing or teaching, Chuck enjoys reading, watching movies, playing tennis, biking and singing in his church choir.


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