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Michael McGuire

From needing a paycheck to bleeding orange, Michael McGuire’s career at UT has evolved.

It started in simple fashion for Michael McGuire.

“UT needed me, and I needed a paycheck,” Michael said.

But after 30 years at UT in the ever-evolving world of information technology, Michael’s chosen career field has been anything but simple. His first day on the job he was given full responsibility for four major functions. And he’s seen his share of firsts.

“The first network, first Macintosh, first online dissertation, etc.” said McGuire. "Not as many firsts now, but the opportunities to be involved in different projects have never slowed down.”

Along Michael’s journey at UT, one thing is clear: he is a valued team member for both his skill and character.

“Michael is a man of conviction and of high integrity and a true asset of the University of Tennessee,” said Mark Thompson, System Administration IT Manager. “The man bleeds ORANGE and puts the interest of the University and user communities first. It is my honor to have him on my team(s) and to call him a friend.”

UT has certainly benefited from Michael’s talents and skills and in turn, UT has given Michael the ability to send his son to college.

Michael is an IT software developer. He and his wife Karen McGuire have one son, James.


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