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Suzanne Miller

For Suzanne Miller serving at UT is a family business.

Suzanne Miller has been with UT for 30 years, serving in four different departments in the Knoxville area. Her recruitment to UT began with a connection to a beloved friend at the University, her sister Jane.

“My sister was working at UT, and still is in the Institute for Public Service, at the time and that was a big influence on my decision,” Miller said.

And just as her career began with family, Suzanne’s commitment to UT continues to be very much a family affair.

“I work with a great group of people, and they are more like a family than an office,” Suzanne said.

The feeling is mutual.

Ask anyone who works with Suzanne, and you will hear the voice of camaraderie and an appreciation for Suzanne and the joy she brings to the office.

Suzanne currently works in development as the gift processing manager for the UT Knoxville Athletics Department. Suzanne and her husband, Greg, have two children, Lt. Travis Miller with the U.S. Navy and Levi Miller, a registered nurse, both of whom attended UT Knoxville.


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