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Lorna Norwood

Co-workers encouraged Peggy Roberts to achieve her goal.

Peggy Roberts currently works as an administrative specialist in the Center for Literacy, Education and Employment at UT Knoxville, but during her 30 years of service with UT, she also has worked for Extension, the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Institute for Public Service.

When Peggy wanted to take her CPS exam, her co-workers were there to encourage her.

“I had always been afraid to take the exam,” she said. “My confidence and self-esteem have grown from their encouragement, and I was able to take and pass the exam.”

During her tenure with UT, Peggy also had the memorable opportunity to pet a large Bengal tiger while it was getting its teeth cleaned at the veterinary hospital.

Peggy and her husband, Phil, have twins, Patrick and Kristin. Peggy and Phil enjoy spending time in the Smoky Mountains, and in her free time, Peggy goes to the movies, reads crime novels and plans trips to the beach.


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