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Carol Shaffer

UT was an unexpected opportunity for Carol Shaffer.

Carol Shaffer began working for UT as a student in the library. Nearing graduation, Carol had her sights set on ventures outside the state.

Then, tragedy struck when her mother fell ill to cancer.

“I wanted to stay near my mother and father, so I applied for a job opening at the library,” Carol said. “It worked out really well for me to be able to stay close.”

During her time with UT, Carol has had the opportunity to learn, grow and make many fond memories. She has expanded her knowledge by taking advantage of training opportunities in-house and going to library conferences.

“It has been an interesting 30 years, moving from the library card system to hosting our catalog in the cloud,” Carol said.

One of her fondest memories includes a former supervisor, Evelyn Conner.

“When I was a student worker, my then boss and later co-worker, Evelyn Conner, always dressed to-the-nines in dresses,” Carol said. “Every day she pushed a book truck in high heels. One Halloween she decided to ‘dress up’ with her student workers, so she wore the cutest slacks outfit, which she said was something she would wear at home. That was the only time that I ever saw her wear pants to work. That was Evelyn dressing down!”

Carol is a senior library associate. She enjoys scuba diving and gardening at home on the mountain.


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