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Brian Signaigo

Brian Signaigo: A funny man who is serious about UT.

Brian Signaigo, Extension agent and county director for Chester County, started off his 30-year career with UT in 4-H programming. He enjoyed it so much that he never had a desire to change jobs.

Some of Brian’s fondest memories involve his experiences with UT and the 4-H program.

“When my daughter became eligible to join 4-H, she got involved in the swine project. It wasn’t long before we were raising market hogs in the back yard,” Brian said.

Brian is often sought out for advice and a good laugh.

“Brian is one of the funniest guys I know. He is a great boss and a better friend,” Penny Handy, administrative support for Chester County said.

Brian represents the best of the University by serving the people of Chester County with vigor, compassion and an easy-going demeanor. Just ask Brian’s supervisor, Ben West, director of UT Extension’s western region.

“Brian is one of the most passionate, hard working people I know. He always has a smile on his face and is ready for anything!”

Brian enjoys golfing, yard work and tinkering on small engines. He and his wife Donna have one daughter, Sara Turner.


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