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Lorna Norwood

Students have been the most memorable part of Gary Sperl’s time with UT.

Thirty-five years ago, Gary Sperl was a young man looking for a job. He applied for and was hired for a position in the UT School of Music. Today, Gary is an associate professor in the school.

“I’ve never wanted to leave,” Gary said.

The students have been the most enjoyable part of his time with UT, and some of his best memories involve their achievements.

“In 2011, one of my clarinet choirs performed eight concerts as part of a 12-day tour of China,” Gary recalled. “Many of my students had never been on a plane before, and it was memorable to see them experience such a great adventure.”

Gary has completed an impressive 17 marathons and four full Ironman triathlons. He plans to retire in May 2013.


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